4 Reasons To Write Down Your Sales Goals for Success

Goal setting is something you learned to do as a kid. As you have grown, the goals have gotten loftier, sure, but the process of setting them is still the same. Writing down your wants and desires for success may be a crucial component of achieving that success. Why? In sales, success may come down to planning.


  1. Seeing Is Believing


When you take the time to write something out, it sticks with you longer. In school, you may have learned better if you re-wrote notes while your friend did better sitting back and listening to them. Whether you learn better through audio or visual means, writing down sales goals will be a benefit. Hang those goals next to your workstation or other places you see. When you start feeling like things aren’t going the way you planned, sit back and say them out loud. Your success may be as simple as creating a mantra with the intended direction of your sales.


  1. Share and Share Alike


Whether you are a one-person shop or part of a larger team, success may come easier if you have someone who will keep you on your toes. Writing your sales goals down and sharing them with someone who will hold you accountable for meeting them is like having a cheerleader. Positive reinforcement can go a long way in keeping you on track for success.


  1. Keep Your Head in the Game


If you are keeping track of your sales, you are also keeping track of company revenue. It can be highly engaging and motivating seeing the money add up. Being so close to a goal may give you that extra push to make one more call or take one more meeting. If you can’t see how you’re doing, you won’t know how far or close you are to meeting goals.


  1. The Future Starts Today


Tracking your sales weekly or monthly may be enough for you, but it may be a good idea to also add in a daily goal. You can draw off your monthly goals to do so, but setting a target to hit every morning will allow you to adjust your extended forecast. It can also keep you pushing to meet that daily number.


Motivation may be tough to keep up on some days, but having a written sales goal may be all you need to light a fire.

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