Consumer Finance

Should Your Business Offer Consumer Financing?

Gant Capital Financing is pleased to offer consumer finance options for your business. Many consumers today need financing when it comes to larger purchases, such as school tuition, jewelry or travel. We assist businesses of all sizes by helping them launch a successful credit card option to boost sales and encourage repeat business.

Benefits of Consumer Financing

Your business benefits from offering a consumer finance option. It builds brand awareness and increases your customer base. Your business is taken out of the debt collection process, saving you time and money. Customers keep coming back to you, knowing that they have financing options. But your customers get benefits, too:

  • Quick and easy application processing
  • Make payments over time
  • Increased credit score as they pay off their loan
  • Dependable and secure financial services.

Make a Call Today To Get Started

Gant Capital Funding has professional, certified financial specialists who can help you integrate consumer finance options into your business. We work with all types of businesses, from education, travel, retail, medical and more. Your staff will be completely trained on providing support to your customers. Financing options can be built into your website, to make it easy for customers to apply and get approved. We want to help your business grow and expand. Contact us today for more information.