What Makes Great Customer Service?

Customer service is an incredibly important ingredient that can make or break a business. Whether you provide a product or service, it’s vital to hire employees who know how to work well with others. Savvy customers thoroughly vet their choices, and most take the time to look up reviews before choosing a vendor. To help ensure that your reputation is outstanding, take a look at the customer service skills below.




Everyone appreciates feeling listened to and valued. From a customer perspective, there’s nothing more frustrating than speaking to an employee that’s tuned out or unreceptive. For maximum success, your business needs to invest in workers that are attentive and courteous. If you have a great team that could benefit from a little bit of improvement, host training sessions to boost customer service skills. A simple change like more attentive communication can make a huge difference in how customers feel about your company.


Understanding of the Product or Service


When you’re getting a company up and running, it can be tempting to fly through the interview process and hire team members who seem like a good fit. However, it’s always wise to take your time and hire seasoned professionals. If you’re hiring employees with a bit less experience, make up the difference with plenty of hands-on training. Each staff member should have an intimate knowledge of the product or service, and be able to clearly explain the benefits to clients.


Time Management


Excellent customer service requires a delicate balance. While it’s important for each client to feel valued, it’s also necessary for customer support members to be as efficient as possible. Encourage your employees to spend at least a few minutes on each phone call, but to cap the session when a certain amount of time has passed, or when the problem can’t be solved. Once you come up with an ideal process, hold a training session to bring all employees up to speed on the new policy.


Without customers, your business won’t be able to thrive. Finding a client base is one of the most difficult aspects of business ownership, so it’s vital to offer outstanding customer support. Most new businesses could benefit from a refresher course on customer relations, so be sure to always keep an eye out for ways to improve. To begin, recognize three of the most important ingredients for excellent customer support: attentiveness, knowledge of the product, and time management. Once your team has developed these skills, you’ll likely notice an increase in customer happiness.

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