Why a Good Work Life Balance is Important

Modern day schedules are busier than ever, and can leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Striking the right work life balance is of the utmost importance, as you’ll benefit both personally and professionally. Here, we explore the reasons to pursue a good balance between work and home life.


Avoid Burnout


If your career is demanding and requires sharp focus, there’s no way that you can be “on” all the time. Stressful jobs can quickly take a toll on employees’ mental health, and time to recharge is absolutely necessary. Both workers and managers should take work life balance seriously, and actively search for ways to improve the ratio. If you’re a manager, it could be a great compromise to offer a work from home day every week. For employees, don’t be shy about acknowledging your value when asking for a personal or work from home day. No one is perfect, and everyone needs a bit of time to relax and unwind.


Improved Health


Employees that never take a day off are more likely to succumb to illness. Both the body and mind need time to rest, and it’s even more crucial to stay home when you’re sick. If you’re an office manager, make sure that your employees know that it’s perfectly acceptable and encouraged to stay home when sick. Spreading germs to co-workers isn’t the right thing to do, and one person who shows up to work when ill can infect much of the office. If you’re struggling to find the right work life balance, start by recognizing when you need a break. Instead of soldiering on when you’re not feeling well, take it easy and stay home until you’re healthy again.


Spend Quality Time


Work isn’t everything, and when you’re home for the day, it’s wise to take time for yourself. Spending time with your loved ones or pursuing hobbies is important, and can actually make a difference in your performance at work. If one of your top priorities in life is to climb the career ladder, it’s even more vital to recognize the importance of a work life balance. When you pencil in an hour or two each day for “me time,” you’ll likely be amazed by how refreshed you feel when you’re back in the office. A little bit of quality time spent however you like can make a big difference in your productivity, so never feel guilty about scheduling time off. In fact, make it a point to take at least a handful of days off each year. This way, you’ll come back to work feeling energized and ready to hit the ground running.

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